Wednesday, August 01, 2007


What a day! We started out in Idaho, went to the town of Weiser (Scott wasn't too impressed) and had lunch by the city park. They sure do grow a lot of onions around here. Then we went on to Oregon and jumped onto the freeway. It was hot and got hotter. Even at 5 p.m. it was still 96°. And then we got to where the freeway parallels the Columbia River. I like mountains, although, I do admit, the drop offs scare me a little; I am afraid of driving by or over water, and when the wind is strong, it bounces the RV around. Combine all three, and you describe my day: nerve wracking!!!! I was doing 35 mph on the freeway, hanging onto the steering wheel with a death grip, going along (sometimes 20-30 feet above and right next to a river 4-5 times the width of the Mississippi in Elk River, getting bounced back and forth by gusts of wind. And I still have to drive over that river, but it's not going to be tomorrow! I decided we're going to go to Mt. Hood tomorrow and then go to the coast and spend a day or so, at least hopefully until it's a bit less windy.

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