Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It cooled down a bit. It's only 55° and cloudy. A nice break from the heat. I know, I'm being a stinker, but it's easy to be smug when a week ago it was going to be -16° at night.

We're in a very nice campground south of Houston, very small but good cable and wifi, and only $21.50. If we come down next year, this is going to be a place to check out for staying a week or two.

I really haven't taken any pictures yet. Nothing too inspiring, other than Squeaker.

This is Lukas' new dog. We adopted her in Corpus Christi. I need to get to a Petsmart and get a couple of harnesses. Both dogs have slipped out of their collars, and it's scary! Squeaker is very slowly warming up to us, and Lukas is very slowly warming up to her. She is a sweet little thing, very hard to resist, and hopefully the vet at home will be able to do something with her teeth!

Well, I'm going to surf the net and see if there's anything I want to see down here before we head to Louisiana.

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