Saturday, March 01, 2008


What a lost day! I sure am glad we extended our stay here a couple of more days. My day started out trying to get the satellite dish set up. Then about another hour trying to find the instruction manual for the receiver. Then a half hour driving around trying to find an RV store (which was closed), then an hour at Walmart, then the rest of the afternoon working on the satellite again. I can't even get any signal on it.

Tomorrow I'm going to run away. David just called. He went to get something to eat, and now he's lost. And it's dark.

I'm going to get Lukas his supper, and I'm going to have a salad, instead of the Shrimp Creole that David was going to pick up for me from the restaurant here at the campground, that's only open until 7:30 (less than an hour left), that is only serving it today.

Tomorrow I'm running away.

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