Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I see it's been a while since I posted! Just been busy. Last week it was to St. Paul to Gillette for Lukas' annual neurologist visit. He was concerned about Lukas' seizures starting up after almost 3 years without one, even though the last one was in April about a week after he increased the meds again, and it was just a breakthough seizure. So today I took Lukas down to Minneapolis, where they did an MRI and an EEG. The MRI was the worst; they needed to inject a dye, and the first tech was digging in his arm with the needle until I told her to stop. So she put hot packs on his hand and let that sit for a half hour, then another tech came in and got the needle in without too much digging. I hate it when they have to put IVs in him, his veins are so hard to find. The EEG went fine; he fell asleep during it. Now it's waiting until the results come back...

Long day! I just did the bills and we have a little over $500 to last until the end of next month, so I'm off to make some beads.

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