Friday, July 24, 2009


OK, I am REALLY pissed! I've become the target for the Wacko from Waco.

She got into trouble last year on Etsy because she 'allegedly' (I've been advised to use the word allegedly to protect myself legally) was buying other people's beads, and then selling them as made by her. Here are links about that:

Recently she opened a shop on ArtFire selling beads, and then started a thread that she was starting to bake again. That's when people started asking her questions about her past practices, and she went on the attack, claiming mobs of people were after her. ArtFire closed her shop and all of her posts were removed, which is why the next link seems to be disjointed. All it consists of is questions to her and replies to her comments.

So in revenge, she has been gathering people's names from that thread and lampworkers on LampworkEtc., which I belong to, and reporting them to the local authorities as not being licensed (which I am). And she also claims I don't have a business Paypal account. I don't. I have a Premier account. Why she thinks I have to have a business account, I'm not sure.

Here are some of the people she's attacked (I'm in good company).

Ashton Jewels and here's her Etsy shop

Vanilla Bean Baker


Double Dipped Sweets


She is such a stinker!

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