Monday, July 27, 2009


Update on the wacko,
Her new blog, has been shut down for violations of their terms of service. Awwww, U, so many lies catch up with a person.

I find her very puzzling. She was making and selling enough of her own beads, why did she have to buy other people's beads and sell them as her own? Was she so stupid to think that she could pass such distinctive beads off as her own and not have someone notice? And then when confronted with proof, she attacked the beadmakers. As a result of her fraud, her Etsy shop was closed down and she was banned from Etsy, and her unlicensed bakery in Waco, Texas was shut down. At that point, I actually felt sorry for her. When she opened her ArtFire shop, I figured she deserved a second chance. But then when she started her thread on ArtFire, (all of her comments have been taken out by ArtFire), she again went on the offensive when people started questioning her. Now that ArtFire has closed her shop and banned her from ArtFire, she has become rather pathetic, attacking beadmakers and people who spoke out on ArtFire.

Twitters from U: "what ever u do, at the end YOU will pay $, not me..hahahah"

"uh oh, FRAUD Lydia Muell got so scared, she is not selling on Etsy nor her website, FINALLY the reality kicks in, she will be audited soon"

"its not important to be on google(good or bad), each business move you make in the future, will be watched by IRS"

"continue trying to shut the blogs and waste your time like, we are off to reporting your FRAUD business to the IRS and authorities"

"Being audited by IRS will cost you lots of $$$, instead of trying to desperately get a GOOD name in google, get a attorney for ur tax audit"

The last one is such a laugh!! Good name?!? That's the kettle calling the pot black. Lydia Muell is one of the most talented, nicest bead artists you can find,

In one of her Twitter posts, she ends it with God help you. Well, my God has helped me to forgive her. I feel sorry for her, with her life of lies, deceit, spite and anger.

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