Friday, July 31, 2009


ROFLOL, I found the archived ArtFire thread that Wacky started with all of her posts, which were taken out of the active thread when ArtFire closed her account.

What is SOOOO hilarious, she posted "before you write something and show the world what you are about, make sure what you are talking about or heard of is %100 REAL!" She really should take her own advice. I especially like where she said "(oh by the way, if you would like to find out who these people are...anyone out there who has ever used MY NAME with words of FRAUD associated with it without EVER having in their hands ANY LEGAL GOVERNMENTAL PROOF about my business in the past and present, is one heck of moral character and is now in GOOGLE FOREVER for people to see...LOL!" Yup, she's in Google forever now.

ETA: Ah, darn it, the link is gone! I should have copied the whole thing.

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