Monday, September 28, 2009


From the Star Tribune:
“All I’m trying to do is protect the individual’s right to make health care decisions,” said State Representative Tom Emmer, a Republican. “I just don’t want the government getting between my decisions with my doctors.”

I had to call Medica to see if my visit to the eye surgeon next month will be covered, and the message on their phone is that there's not final approval on a procedure until a bill has been submitted. Right there, they're saying that they can decide to pay a bill or not. OK, so in a sense, Mr. Emmer is correct. He wants to be able to have the decision to have a treatment between him and the doctor. Well, it's the same with me. If I want to go to a doctor that's not covered, I can. My health insurance won't pay for it, and may not pay for it even if it's an approved doctor and procedure.

Must be nice to be a politician and have health care that isn't regulated by the insurance company.

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