Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good days and bad days... the last couple of days were bad. David’s chair in the family room is an old, creaky, squeaky office chair I bought at a flea market 15-20 years ago for $5. When I wanted to replace it, he refused because it was comfortable, even though he had to use duct tape and towels on the armrests. I had to have Christian move it into the bedroom because the cats were up and down on it, making it creak and squeak. I was listening to a tape about losing a loved one, cautioning not to make any major changes for at least 18 months, since that’s how long the average grieving period is. 18 months?!?

As much as I hate winter, it was pretty outside today. I wish I had felt like going out and taking photos. Instead I just sat in my studio and took photos from there.
and here’s a stupid pet photo of Squeak, nice and comfy in the chair,

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