Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have to call the clinic tomorrow as soon as they open. Lukas has been having problems with throwing up and gagging the last two weeks. The first episode I thought was a virus (he blamed it on the green chilies I put in his omlet), but then last Tuesday he didn’t want Jim and Cindy to come over because he was gagging, and then Friday night at bedtime he was throwing up again. I don’t know what’s going on, so it’s time to get him to the doctor to see if they can figure it out.

One of my ferrets, Taz, died last week. It wasn’t unexpected; she was so old she didn’t have any hair left. I felt sorry for Fang, because Bandit is old too, and not too playful anymore. So Friday I went down and bought a new ferret. We named him Chunkie because he is a heavy little chunk (and that’s Christian’s freckled, hairy arm).
It was so funny because Fang tried grabbing him, and he screamed and scared her. He’s a gentle little boy, and when he bites, he does it very gently.

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