Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scientists think that monkeys are so amazing for their tool using abilities. They should study ferrets.

I have a cabinet that is about 6 inches shorter than the room, so I put a couple of empty cat litter boxes back there to keep the ferrets from going back there and pooping (their natural instinct is to find a dark corner for relieving themselves).

The cabinet isn’t finished, so I have a 24” sheet of wood against it to keep the babies out of it, so there is a gap of a foot between the top of the wood sheet and the cabinet top. Chunk is severely challenged when it comes to limitations. He just HAS to find ways to get into things he’s not supposed to. And right now, getting into that cabinet is his main goal in life.

Hence, the use of the empty litter boxes to further his purpose in life. He pushes them out from the side of the cabinet and around to the front so he can use them to be able to climb into the cabinet.

Monkeys are so outclassed by ferrets.

Here is Chunk using a rubbermaid box as a launching pad. He would jump (and every jump he made ended in a belly flop at least a half a foot from the cabinet), then go back and get on the box for another attempt. Persistent little bugger.
This one looks like he’s going to make it, but he’s a good foot away from the cabinet yet.
Yes, ferrets can be very focused if there’s something they want.

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