Sunday, September 12, 2010

It was a long weekend, my nephews and 4 kids/grandkids came along with, and stayed overnight. Gets a bit hectic with 4 kids 10 and under! But the boys got my kitchen/family room ceiling sanded and 2 coats of paint put on. One more coat to go, and then that ceiling will be done. Sanding is just the pits, and I didn’t even do any of it. It leaves a fine dust over everything. I think Scott was ready to shoot me when I told him there were only 9 more ceilings to go. I hate popcorn ceilings!!! With a passion! They’re dirty and hard to clean or paint. So they are going, and I’m going to have just plain white ceilings, and hopefully, over time, I will get woodwork and ceiling borders put up.

Today they got a gate built by the hay barn, and fencing put up by it, so in the winter if the tractor or snowmobile won’t start, it’ll be a lot easier getting hay to the animals.

Winter, oh yuck!! I hate the thought of it. The days are getting shorter so quickly, and I’ve been getting more and more melancholic. Today I got some pork out of the freezer to have for the boys’ lunch, and it was dated 11/09, and it just hit me that David was still alive then.

Little things like that.

I’ve been working at getting beads ready to list on ArtFire, and here’s some of my favorites, bright, cheery and warm colors, except the last one:
Tomorrow’s Monday, so I get to play at the torch.

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