Friday, October 12, 2012

The drought continues, both in my mood and the rain forecast. We’ve had 4” of rain since July. It’s very worrisome.

I’ve lost my creative urge, both glass and drawing being just things to occupy my hands. I really need a kick in the pants. I tried making some new murrini last night, and they were less than inspiring. I really like working with silvered ivory, and it works best with making focals (also, with making focals, I get to use a lot more colors than I can with big hole beads). So I’m trying to make some murrini in the turquoise & coral colors. This is what came out last night,


I wish I understood more of the dynamics of the glass and the way the heat distorts it, because this is what the test murrini was like,


Pyr has been going through a teething stage the last couple of weeks. He’s chewed his way through several gloves, a pair of slippers and the shoe laces of my outside shoes. No funny photos of him today. But I do have bird photos, one taking a quite cold bath,




That’s it for today.

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