Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There hasn’t been much to write about, other than winter is coming. It’s been cold and cloudy and windy, and my back hurts and I’m depressed. Only another ten weeks until the days start getting longer, and another four months until I can feel like spring is on its way.

The cardinals have come back to my feeder. I’ve got one arguing with a finch right now. Here’s a photo of one the other day,
and a photo I took this morning, with the sun just coming up. He certainly stood out!
Pyr is growing, but he’s still a big goofy clumsy pup, and not too big to fit on Christian’s lap,
The other day I laid down for a nap, and he was between me and the window. Well, it wasn’t much of a nap for me, between his farting and snoring and turning over and scratching the window with his paws (in his sleep) and then turning over and flopping his big feet on my head. I still love him, though. :)

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