Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Honestly, it must be my time for fiascos.

Health insurance, I still can’t pick out a policy. I got through to a live person and was told that it was a ‘known issue’ with the website, so she was going to push it on up to try to get it fixed.

My new mattress!! I have a full size bed, but three other bodies sleep with me. :) My little diva dog, Pip, who in the winter likes to jam herself down against my back to stay toasty warm, Suka the husky, and Pry, the Great Pyrenees. I was like a skinny slice of ham on a big bun, but how can I say no to a dog who puts his head on my bed and looks at me with those soulfully sad eyes? So last month I went to Sears and bought a queen size mattress/box spring set. The next week when it’s supposed to be delivered, the delivery company calls at 7 a.m. to see if I really wanted a queen size mattress and a half of a flip box spring. What?!? I didn’t order a flip box spring! So I have to wait until the next night for the saleslady to get back to work to have her order the right set.

It was supposed to be delivered last Tuesday. Three hours after their delivery window goes by, I get a call that their delivery truck broke down, and they won’t be able to deliver until the next week (yesterday). OK, they called yesterday and left two messages on the answering machine, the first so soft all I could make out was two mattresses and two box springs. The second message was a little clearer, two mattresses and a queen box spring and half of a flip box spring, with a phone number to call to get it straightened out. I call the number which is Sears Logistics. I explained what was happening, he wanted to know how I got his number, because that’s not the right number. He was nice enough to call the delivery and get it straightened out that I ordered just one queen mattress and one queen box spring. So I finally got my queen bed set up yesterday, and last night enjoyed not being a sandwich.

Until I went to pay my Sears bill and saw that they double billed me for the mattress and box spring. So I called Sears customer service, they opened a dispute and will contact the store. A dispute?!? So now I get to wait until they ‘investigate’ and get it cleared up. No wonder Sears is floundering.

It was -15° this a.m. Frigid even by Minnesota standards. It’s supposed to get up to 17° by tomorrow, and goodness, that’s going to feel downright balmy!

I just sold two beads that I really, really liked,


I’ve been getting back into making murrini again, and have one that turned out not too bad. I’ll get some photos of it posted later.

I have to post this one of Suka, he’s bored and wants someone to play with him and his ducky,


Here’s Heidi, our heifer calf from last winter,


and Ingrid, the baby,


and a funny Internet pic,


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