Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh, brrrrrrr!!! Another cold day here, and I’m getting pretty tired of it. The birds aren’t too thrilled with it either,
But the kitties know where to go to be warm and safe from the dogs, up on top of the kitchen cabinets,
I am finishing up on my sister’s quilt, I’ve got a bit more quilting to do on the border and then have to bind it. Then I’ll get back to my appliqué quilt.
Hopefully, I’ll get on the torch tomorrow morning while Christian does the shopping. I’d like to play around with making some more murrini. Here’s the last two tests,
Another funny Internet pic,


Kathleen said...

What a magnificent quilt ~ I bet your Sis loved it! I love to sew also, but I have done nothing fun in years, just darning holes and re-sewing on popped buttons. When my girls were younger I loved making matching clothes for them and their dolly's...they also loved to have me make them pocket books.....but now that they are older, I guess it is passe' to wear clothes (or carry handbags) your Mum makes out of old drapes & curtains, lol.

Also enjoying your wonderful murrini tests. It is amazing to see the difference in the way they look once you have applied them upon your bead.

betsymn said...

Thank you! Appliqueing is such a nice way to relax, unlike working with molten glass. :)

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