Friday, February 20, 2015

Impatiently waiting for warmer weather, along with half of the rest of the country. This time of the year just seems to drag, I want to get out and soak up some sun, go for a walk, get my plants out of the house, get some fresh air without freezing. My plants are struggling, except for the Meyer lemon trees I started. Anyone want a Meyer lemon tree? I’ve got 10 of them started. If I had known the seeds were that robust, I wouldn’t have planted as many.

I put in an order at Burgess seed (got 200 peat pots today), and I’ve got another order at Jung Seed. Some Mock Orange,
PastedGraphic-2015-02-20-18-53.pngdouble white blossoms with exquisite sweet fragrance”
PastedGraphic1-2015-02-20-18-53.pnga hybrid lilac, “the enormous trusses beautify the landscape while their exquisite fragrance wafts through the air perfuming entire neighborhoods.”
PastedGraphic2-2015-02-20-18-53.png Honeysuckle, “intensely fragrant flowers beginning mid-spring and continuing all summer”
PastedGraphic3-2015-02-20-18-53.png Mojito Mint, “A mint that traces its origins back to Cuba”
and a few other herbs and flowers.

My tiger drawing is progressing nicely,
Lots and lots of dots…

A couple funny internet pics:
da53434c2fdf480c0ced83de4bc3434a-2015-02-20-18-53.jpg (Actually, this is what my cats like to do with my bead kiln)

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