Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life is never simple when you have animals, and the problem with having a bull vs. AI, you can get babies in the winter. So we have a calf in the pantry


and a cow in the garage. IMG_0611-2015-02-21-11-55.JPG

Thank goodness it wasn’t born tomorrow, it wouldn’t have been alive by the time we went out to do chores, since she had it outside. I’ve also found out that Dexters are hard to tell when birth is imminent, unlike Jerseys who get a huge bag when they’re ready to pop.

Later we’ll take the calf out to the garage and see if we can get it to nurse. It’ll be spending a couple of days at least in the pantry, joy joy, since it’s going to be brutal cold the next few days. So very ready for spring!

Our laundry room/bathroom is done! I really like the way it turned out. Although, I do think it needs a bigger window in there. I can vision plants in there, or at least I could if it weren’t on the cold side of the house.


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