Friday, April 20, 2007


You know, it's just not fair! Lukas brings home a bug from school and he's sick for 2 days; I catch it and it's been a week... so far.

Oh well. I did finish another ACEO. It's of Slider and my dog, Tynha. I don't know why, but cats really like her. It must be that wooly fur on her, but they just like to curl up around her and rub up against her.

I've started another painting, but this one is about 4"x4", of a pair of lions I saw on a wildlife program. They were sitting relaxed in the grass, and then a herd of wild buffalo came into view. They both just sat up and watched those buffalo. I just thought it would make a neat painting. I've started on the background, and am having trouble with the leaves on the bushes. It would be wonderful to be like some of these artists who fly to Africa every year to take photos.

Nawww, that wouldn't work. I don't fly!

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