Thursday, October 07, 2010

I think I should just go shopping.

Last night I was going to list some beads on ebay. Opened my listing program, and forgot that I had upgraded it. So I had to put all of my info back in and go onto Paypal to get an API signature. Noticed my API signature had my old, old email address, so I removed it and made a new one. Still had the old email address. Well, I haven’t been getting notifications from Paypal for the past 2 weeks about payments received or shipping labels purchased, so I thought maybe it was because for some reason they were defaulting to my old email address. Called Paypal.

Half hour later they’re still saying it’s something on my end. Grrrr. Went to make supper for the boys.

Back to the listing program. Took another half hour to figure out that the new update constricts the photos by the smallest measurement of the photo, so now I have to make sure when I crop the photos that they’re shorter than wider. Humbug!!

By then it was getting too late to do any listing, so I did some more researching on interior dimensions of Pandora beads. I want to be positive that my beads will fit. After 45 min of doing that, I ordered a bracelet, figuring the only way I’m going to be positive that my beads will fit a Pandora bracelet is to have one to fit them on.

This morning all I wanted to do was copy some papers. Had to replace 3 ink tanks, and the paper kept jamming. I had a horrible feeling that when Chunk got up on my desks and uprooted all of my orchids, that he flung some chunks of dirt and wood into the printer, so I turned it upside down and shook it. Success!

Another hour of my life wasted!

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