Sunday, October 03, 2010

Meanderings today, all over the place.

This morning when I was giving Lukas a shower, I was thinking it would be so nice if I could just put him in an ultrasonic booth, push a button and he’d come out clean, just like in the Jetsons. That thought led me to thinking about complaining, and how so many people complain about things, myself included. That let me to my phone (a Blackberry) which says I have a message, and I can’t figure out how to get to the message, and how I wish I had an iPhone (was seriously thinking about it, a phone is only $200, but a minimal monthly plan is $70! No way!), which led me to thinking about happiness. Which led me to thinking that my happiness has to be based, not on a new phone or a new camera (yah, I want one of those too), but on doing things that I know will please God, because God and my faith in his promises is the only constant thing in my life that only I can take away.

As I mentioned in my last post, we went down to the farm yesterday and I bought a few things back. Here’s a quiz for you. This is something that poorer country people like my family used,
and this is something that more well-to-do people, like my grandma, used for the same purpose. Can you guess what they are?
A hint. When my brother saw the first pot, he explaimed, “I remember that, and sitting by the stove using it.” And my sister replied, “How did you rate? We had to use it upstairs.” (where it was colder, especially in the winter).

My sister told me that we only got to use it at night, otherwise we had to go outside...

to the outhouse.

Figure it out yet?

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Sally said...

Looks like what we in England would call a gazunda ( because it gazunda the bed...!) but I don't recall my granny's having a lid, which seems like a really good idea!

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