Friday, July 09, 2010

Another long day. And a day of extremes. We started with snowdrifts up on the rim of Crater Lake (and with 10 being the absolute drive from hell for an RV, Crater Lake is a 9), and then to Medford with temperatures in the low 100s, to the California coast, where the temperature right now is a nice cool 57 degrees. I really hate campgrounds that advertise Wifi at the sites, and then don't have it. The campground we're at tonight fits right in there. I called about noon to reserve a site and asked for a site that had good wifi reception, and the girl told me that the entire campground was wired. So we finally get here and guess what? No wifi. They've been having trouble with it all day, and they have someone coming to fix it real soon. That was 3 hours ago. On to the Redwoods National Park tomorrow. I'm going to try to get a reservation at campground close by there so we can make a nice lazy day of it. I'm getting frazzled with too many 15 mph switchbacks.

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