Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I've been to the top of the world today, and taken a couple of roller coaster rides down the other side. I love the names people think up, a small farm called 'Roadkill Ranch, and a creek called 'StinkingWater Creek.' Amazing the things you see when you get off of the freeway.

We're in Oregon tonight, and may be on our way to California. We'll wait until tomorrow night to decide on that. Lukas had a nasty bloody nose in the middle of the night last night, and I was debating calling 911 at one point. Was stuffing pieces of toilet paper up his nose, and it was soaking through and running down his face. Lots of ice and pinching his poor nose finally stopped it, and he finally went to sleep with a wad of paper still in his nose. Took a bit of his mustache with this morning when I pulled it out. We've got 2 humidifiers running in here now, and hopefully that will help. Too much hot, dry desert air. We really need to get to the ocean and then home.

Time for some photos. Scott, the boys and the dogs at the salt flats,

When you get out of Salt Lake City, you'll start seeing rocks piled up along the side of the freeway. Kids come out and write their names with the rocks.
A dust devil in NE Nevada
Desolate land, NW Utah
Scottie and Pip
Hot and pooped out dogs
Craters of the Moon in Idaho. These are lava flows.
When the lava flowed, it formed tubes when the outer skin cooled, but the molten lava inside continued to flow out of the tube, so there are hollow tubes of rock all over, some small and others quite large. The ceilings eventually collapse and leave holes in the tubes. We went to Indian Cave, one of the larger tubes. Here's the boys in the cave and then going up on part of the collapsed roof. It's really neat inside the tubes, very cool, with water dripping, and doves cooing from nests they've built in the caves.

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