Saturday, July 10, 2010

Full blown, up-chucking panic attack today. Drove on a 10 road today. If you're at all afraid of heights, don't go on the road past Ferndale, California. Had to turn around and go back.

Later: My stomach has had a chance to settle a bit. We went back to the campground and I took a nap.

I was talking to a gentleman here, a retired music schoolteacher, who was here with his wife. They live up by Portland and come down here to meet up with his wife's brother to go motorcycling. He was describing the road that I turned back on, said that was the longest stretch he'd ever ridden with his face lower than the rest of him (the other end of the road had a very long downhill stretch). Sure am glad I turned around.

It was quite interesting talking to him. His family was originally from Iowa, and after WWII, his dad, who had fought in the war, got a job teaching in New Mexico. The first weekend in their new home, at 9 am, gun shots went off next door. His dad jumped up and reached for his rifle, thinking he was still in the war. Turns out the next door neighbor (who was in his 70s) used to be a peace officer and every Sat. morning strapped on his 6 shooter and went out to his back yard to practice his draw (it was a small town).

That's one of the fun parts of traveling, getting to talk to people from all over. When we were in Idaho, there were a couple of young ladies from Germany. When I told them my grandmother came over from Germany, they asked where from, and darned if I couldn't remember where her family came from! Getting old...

Got a few more photos to post. This one is the mountains seen from central Oregon.
On the way up to Crater Lake 
Mountain range after mountain range, you can see for miles and miles
Crater Lake, which is actually the caldera of a volcano. The island is the volcano after more eruptions.
Squeak helping Lukas with his DVD player
Scottie snoozing away

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