Sunday, July 04, 2010

I can see why the government owns 80% of Utah, the vast majority of it is uninabitable. There is some fantastic scenery in spots, though. David's ashes continue on their journey with me. They've been on roads that would have curled his hair. He did not like the mountains. I continue to miss him terribly. We didn't have the best of marriages; having a handicapped child places incredible stresses on the best of marriages. But we had more ups than downs, until the company that he worked for was purchased by an international corporation. In 2001 they installed a computer dispatching system, waited a week or so to get it up and running, then laid off all of the senior dispatcher. No severance pay, no 2-week notice, nothing but a final check. That is what really killed David, to be treated like that after putting in over 20 years. He turned more and more to drinking to cope, and over the last couple of years he became bitter and angry, and it was increasingly difficult living with him. My life now has a sense of freedom from the angry words and worrying about his declining health, but I still miss him and what could have/should have been.

I have decided that after we return, I'm going to have the boys clean everything out of the RV and get it all cleaned up and I'm going to sell it. It's become difficult to take care of Lukas properly in it, and things keep breaking down. Whatever I get for it can go for bills, and God willing, in a couple of years, I may look for a newer, larger one.

More photos to share, the Tetons. This is a view that I've been taking a photo of for almost 40 years now.

Neat storm clouds

Nick checking out the Tetons
Mark taking the dogs for a walk
the dreaded Flaming Gorge, in southern Wyoming and northern Utah
and Mark being a ding-a-ling. See Squeak, the white dog? That's the edge of a cliff, and at least she's got a harness on!
my niece, Debi, with her daughter and granddaughter. They live in Grand Junction.
and then into southern Utah and the Arches National Park. Gorgeous scenery!!!

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